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Michael Poirier (more commonly known as Mike) was raised in Clarkston, Washington by parents Mark and Amy Poirier. His passion has always centered around working with his hands. From his youth, Mike has always enjoyed the ability to transform everyday objects into works of art. If you asked him in his younger years what he dreamed of being, he’d tell you a carpenter. Always the dream of taking multiple pieces to a puzzle and turning it into a beautiful piece of art.

In High School, Mike met Marie Ferrigno. They had met on the school bus in middle school, where Marie claims she had a crush. But Mike, the reded headed boy who loved to skateboard and hang out with friends, didn’t think too much about girls. Marie and Mike didn’t begin dating until they were Juniors in High School. And that’s when Mikes journey into becoming an auto body repair man began.

Mike and wife in clarkston, washington.

Mike & Marie Poirier

Mike was slowly introduced into Marie’s family. Marie’s maternal grandparents (Bob and Toni Marsh) owned and operated a very successful Auto Body shop in southern California prior to moving the family to Clarkston. Mike took to Bob instantly. A grandfather and friend bond were created. In 2007, while attending Washington State University, Mike began to work alongside Bob part-me at Bobs shop. Mike graduated from WSU in 2009 with a major in Criminal Justice. But he knew what his true love and passion was. And that was working with Bob; it was working on cars…old or new, it didn’t matter.

He started at the basics and eventually was taught all the necessary skills and tricks of the trade. Bob slowly let Mike take lead, and eventually Mike was able to become a skilled auto body repair man and professional auto body painter.

In 2012, Mike and Marie took the scary leap of opening an auto body repair shop. All About Auto Body was born right here in Clarkston, Washington. The business started off on Port Drive in downtown Clarkston with Mike as the owner/operator/secretary/janitor…all the things. Marie continued her education and is now a Speech Language Pathologist working locally. They wed in 2018. All About Auto Body has grown tremendously since opening its doors in 2012. It is now located at 2461 Appleside Blvd. in Clarkston Heights.

Mike has truly put his heart and soul into making all about auto body what it is today. He stands behind all of the work that is completed at the shop. He has a kind and gentle heart. And works hours around most of the people you may know. Mike and the team (yes, he works with some amazing people) are all I-CAR certified, making it possible and easier to offer all services to all insurance companies. What started off as a dream has become reality. Mike and Marie live happily in Clarkston with their 2 children (dogs), Bondo and Bristol. If you find yourself at the shop please extend a firm handshake, Mike is old school like that. And say hello to the dogs!

all about auto body shop and mike porier

Restore Automotive Performance:

When there’s something wrong with your vehicle, give us a visit. Our services include: auto, body, collision repair, auto body painting, classic car restoration and more!.

Safe Place for Cars:

We offer a fenced in lot for the vehicles we work on so that you know that your vehicle is protected both day and night.

Use the Key Drop:

Leave your car overnight with our key drop

Since 2012, we’ve been serving those near Clarkston, WA, Lewiston ID, Pomeroy, WA, Moscow, ID, and surrounding areas for all of their auto service needs.